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Collnet 2011, September 20-23, Istanbul, Turkey

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7. International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics (WIS)
Twelfth COLLNET Meeting

20-23 September, 2011, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey


The broad focus of the COLLNET 2011 conference is on collaboration and communication in science and technology; science policy; quantitative aspects of science of science; and combination and integration of qualitative and quantitative approaches in study of scientific practices.

The conference thus aims to contribute to evidence-based and informed knowledge about scientific research and practices which in turn may further provide input to institutional, regional, national and international research and innovation policy making.

Theoretical, methodological and applied aspects of the conference can be listed as follows:

  • Emerging issues in scientometrics / informetrics /webometrics and history of science
  • Impact and role of open access and digital libraries on patterns of collaborations and sciences
  • Science policy and collaboration
  • Collaboration studies for science & society
  • Collaboration, knowledge management & industrial partnership
  • Collaborative bridge between academic research and industry
  • Methods for collaboration studies
  • Visualization techniques in collaboration studies
  • Quantitative analysis of S&T innovations
  • Informetrics laws and distributions, mathematical models of communication or collaboration
  • Nature and growth of science and of collaboration in science and its relation with technological output
  • Collaboration in science and in technology from both quantitative and qualitative points of view
  • Evaluation indicators for scientific productivity and other science related practices

Please, note that these examples listed above give a broad outline of the scope of the workshop theme but do not limit it.

The conference language is English.

General Chair: Hildrun Kretschmer (Germany, China)

Organising Chair: Bülent Özel (Turkey)


COLLNET 2011 Page: http://collnet.cs.bilgi.edu.tr/

COLLNET Members: http://www.collnet.de/

Conference Fee:

  • *Foreign Regular: 200 EURO
  • *Foreign Student: 130 EURO
  • **Local Regular: 100 EURO
  • **Local Student: 80 EURO
  • Accompanying Person : 50 EURO

* The fee includes coffee break, lunches, inaugural cocktail, dinner and banquet. Proceedings are included in the conference fee for participants and students but not for accompanying persons. A Bosphourus boat tour of Istanbul is included in the conference fee. For persons who are interested in, a special extended sigthseeing tour will be programmed at the last day (with additional fees).

** The fee includes coffee break, lunches, and inaugural cocktail. Proceedings are included in the conference fee for participants and students but not for accompanying persons. The sightseeing and the conference dinner is subject to additional fee on request.

For more information please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Important Dates:

  • Extended Abstract – March 15, 2011 (deadline)
  • Acceptance: April 15, 2011
  • Full Paper: July 15, 2011, Camera-ready version, maximum 10 pages including tables, figures, references.

Both abstracts and full papers will be peer reviewed by the Programme Committee. The accepted full papers will be published in the proceedings.

Please use conference submission page to upload/send your extended abstract(s).

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Guest Speakers

  • Dr. Ronald Rousseau (Belgium)
  • Dr. Ravichandra Rao (India)
  • Dr. Wolfgang Glänzel (Belgium)
  • Dr. Donald deB. Beaver (USA)
  • Dr. Heeyoon Choi (Korea)
  • Dr. Hildrun Kretschmer (Germany, China)


General Chair:

  • Hildrun Kretschmer (Germany, China)

Organizing Chair:

  • Bulent Ozel (Turkey)

 Local Organizing Comittee:

  • Bulent Ozel, Istanbul Bilgi University, Computer Science Department
  • Pinar Hacibeyoglu, Istanbul Bilgi University, Computer Science Department
  • Boran Puhaloglu, Istanbul Bilgi University, Computer Science Department
  • Elif Gurses, TUBITAK ULAKBIM (Turkish Academic Network & Information Center)
  • Cem Sarac, TUBITAK ULAKBIM (Turkish Academic Network & Information Center)
  • Sami Cukadar, Istanbul Bilgi University, Library & E-Resources
  • Mustafa Kerem Kahvecioglu, Istanbul Bilgi University, Library & E-Resources
  • Mehmet Gencer, Istanbul Bilgi University, Computer Science Department

Chair of Asia:

  • Gangan Prathap (India)

Regional Chair China:

  • Liang Liming (China)

Regional Chair India:

  • Ramesh Kundra, Chair, (India)
  • N.K. Wadhwa (India)
  • Divya Srivastava (India)
  • Sujit Bhattacharya (India)
  • G. Mahesh (India)

Regional Chair Iran:

  • Farideh Osareh (Iran)

Chair of Africa, America, Australia and Europe:

  • Valentina Markusova (Russia)

Regional Chair South Korea:

  • Heeyoon Choi (South Korea)

Programme Committee:
(Collnet Members, www.collnet.de + new local committee members)

  • Isidro Aguillo, Spain 
Petra Ahrweiler, India
  • R. Ambuja, India
  • A. Amudhavalli, India
  • Subbiah Arunachalam, India
  • Amir Reza Asnafi, Iran
  • Elise Bassecoulard, France
  • Aparna Basu, India
  • Donald deB. Beaver, USA
  • Sujit Bhattacharya, India
  • Maria Bordons, Spain
  • Martina Brandt, Germany
  • Linda Chan, Hong Kong
  • Blaise Cronin, USA
  • Sami Cukadar, Turkey
  • Robert Dalpe, Canada
  • Mari Davis, Australia
  • Sandhya Diwakar, India
  • Leo C.J. Egghe, Belgium
  • A. Hossein Farajpahlou, Iran
  • Hubert Feger, Germany
  • Lars Fuglsang, Denmark
  • Mehmet Gencer, Turkey
  • Isabel Gomez, Spain
  • Ulla Große, Germany
  • Elif Gurses, Turkey
  • Brij Mohan Gupta, India
  • Namita Gupta, India
  • Frank Hartmann, Germany
  • Frank Havemann, Germany
  • Michael Heinz, Germany
  • Haiyan Hou, China
  • William W. Hood, Australia
  • Shabahat Husain, India
  • Daisy Jacobs, South Africa
  • Margriet Jansz, Netherlands
  • C.R. Karisiddappa, India
  • Sylvan Katz, UK
  • Lidiya Kavunenko, Ukraine
  • Mohsin U. Khan, India
  • Ved Prakash Kharbanda, India
  • Rajesh Kochhar, India
  • Hildrun Kretschmer, Germany
  • Karl-Theo Kretschmer, Germany
  • Naresh Kumar, India
  • Sudhir Kumar, India
  • Ramesh Kundra, India
  • Jean-Charles Lamirel, France
  • Loet Leydesdorff, Netherlands
  • Liming Liang, China
  • Sofía Liberman, Mexico
  • Zeyuan Liu, China
  • Bruno Maltrás, Spain
  • Bernd Markscheffel, Germany
  • Valentina Markusova, Russia
  • Göran Melin, Sweden
  • Martin Meyer, Finland
  • Ülle Must, Estonia
  • Ed Noyons, Netherlands
  • Dennis Ocholla, South Africa
  • Yoshiko Okubo, France
  • Farideh Osareh, Iran
  • Siew Hock Ow, Malaysia
  • Bulent Ozel, Turkey
  • Maryam Pakdaman Naeeni, Iran
  • Koti S. Raghavan, India
  • Ravichandra Rao, India
  • Ronald Rousseau, Belgium
  • Jane Russell, Mexico
  • Shivappa Sangam, India
  • Andrea Scharnhorst, Netherlands
  • Annedore Schulze, Germany
  • Leena Shah, India
  • Neena Singh, India
  • Divya Srivastava, India
  • Johannes Stegmann, Germany
  • Yuan Sun, Japan
  • Dimiter Tomov, Bulgaria
  • Walther Umstaetter, Germany
  • Liwen Vaughan, Canada
  • Narendar Kumar Wadhwa, India
  • Caroline Wagner, USA
  • Roland Wagner-Döbler, Germany
  • Yan Wang, China
  • Vera Wenzel, Germany
  • Concepcion S. Wilson, Australia
  • Paul Wouters, Netherlands
  • Yishan Wu, China
  • Zoreh Zahedi, Iran
  • Michel Zitt, France

Technical Support:

  • Hasan Arda Eren

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