World Organization for Scientific Cooperation


Science Withot BordersThe main goal of WOSCO SWB is the development of international scientific cooperation, submission of free scientific and educational information to scientists, teachers, university students, pupils, and all other members of the organization. WOSCO SWB will assist in searching for partners and relationships with different scientists around the world for the implementation of international scientific projects and programs. WOSCO SWB will increase the efficiency of the work, education, and cooperation, saving money and time for the scientists, specialists, teachers, students and other people who devote effort to the development.

There is SWB is the International Publishing House. The WOSCO SWB Electronic Library consists of the scientific books, monographs, articles, textbooks and other free information for the members of the SWB.

SWB development of International Program of Search of Scientific Partners (SSP). In this program was settled the wide amount of data of scientists and specialists from different countries around the world, and their proposition on potential cooperation and mutual projects.

The WOSCO SWB Scientific Coordination Committee includes leading scientists from many countries around the world.

Free Membership of WOSCO SWB!

The users of WOSCO SWB will be registered as members of the WOSCO. After registration, the member may log in to a private page in the system, and make alterations at any time. All special messages from WOSCO SWB will appear in the private page. The private page is accessible only by the member and the system administrator.

The member of WOSCO SWB at every time may open his/her private page and make alterations and additions. For the opening of the private page it is enough to enter login and password which are stated at the application of the member of the WOSCO SWB.

Advertising and Popularization

Authors and organizations may pay to use the informational resources of WOSCO SWB for the placement of advertisements and popularization of publications, editions, manuscripts, new scientific and technical achievements, and technologies. The order form and payment rates are in the Advertising section of the web site.

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