Biomimicry Europa


About us 

Biomimicry Europa  We are a non-profit international association established in Brussels in 2006, by women and men from a variety of backgounds, sharing the consciousness of the limits of our current mode of development and its impact on the environment, particularly with respect to climate.


We share the conviction that the current mode of development must be thoroughly modified if one wants to protect the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. Biomimicry Europa wants to contribute to the quest for another route by promoting Biomimicry.


We wish to hold a place in a network of partner-organizations throughout the planet, who share our vision, values, our main commitments and participate in the same mission.

The association arose from contacts followed by the first founders with Janine Benyus and Dayna Baumeister and the motivated team which surrounds them. Janine Benyus is among the founders; she is a member of the board. Hence, Biomimicry Europa intends to develop a strong relationship with Biomimicry Institute (Montana – the USA).


We perceive the necessity for a change in the development model as a tremendous opportunity to promote positive and innovative solutions directed towards sustainability. It is a matter of casting a totally different look at nature and getting inspired by it.



Promoting Biomimicry in Europe

  • To inform by communicating Biomimicry knowledge and by promoting it with appropriate means.
  • To link by building bridges to favor convergence, because Bioimimicry is at the cross-road between disciplines relating to biology, technologies and  economy.
  • To stimulate and bring to life by developing in Europe a place of meeting and exchange for all the actors who recognize themselves in a biomimetic approach, and more generally for any interested person. 


"The more our world functions like the natural world, the more likely we are to endure on this home that is ours, but not ours alone."
~ Janine Benyus

Janine Benyus and her book “Biomimicry”

Values and Approach

We share completely the universal values expressed in the most accomplished international declarations and conventions, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Rio Convention on Biological Diversity.

Our approach, with rigour and creativity in alliance, joins in a dynamic of exchanges and solidarity, notably with said-developing countries. It is based on respect for nature and aims at valuing its “memory” in the service of mankind.


We undertake to measure the impact of its activity on the environment, to reduce it and, for lack of being able to cancel it, to compensate for its CO2 emissions.
We apply the principle of precaution and subsidiarity. Biomimicry Europa operates on a democratic and participative basis. It commits to a total transparency of its activities and its accounts towards third parties. In particular, it establishes bench-marks for its actions.

We are an apolitical organization respecting every person, whatever are his/her origin, his/ her position in society or his/her political, philosophical or religious convictions.

Finally, we test whether any new action under consideration effectively serves its mission.