Global Diversity Foundation (GDF)


About GDF

Global Diversity Foundation (GDF)Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) is a family of organizations and regional initiatives that promote agricultural, biological and cultural diversity around the world through research, training and social action. It comprises the Global Diversity Foundation, registered as a non-profit in the United States and as a charitable organization in the UK, as well as programs in Mesoamerica, North Africa, Southeast Asia and Southern Africa.

A cross-cutting International Program focuses on disseminating results and providing courses, seminars and workshops on contemporary issues in biocultural diversity and research methods in ethnoecology.  Held in diverse countries including Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, South Africa and Thailand, these training opportunities are designed for community members, university students and postdoctoral colleagues. GDF’s International Program coordinates the Biocultural Diversity Learning Network (BDLN), which brings together innovative colleagues from diverse backgrounds and institutions to launch new courses, convene meetings to review progress and contribute to an Online Learning Guide on Biocultural Diversity.

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