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EFAEP - European Federation of Associations of Environmental Professionals

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EFAEP - European Federation of Associations of Environmental ProfessionalsEFAEP is an Association of Environmental Experts from all over Europe which was founded in 2002 in response to the increasingly important and diverse role of environmental experts. The protection of the environment is no longer a secondary phenomenon but has penetrated all areas of life. In response to the growing sensitivity of society about environmental issues, activities of environmental professionals have been steadily growing over the past decades and became an unquestionable necessity.

Environmental professionals are working in industry, trade and services. In most countries they founded local or national associations that provide platforms for exchanging professional information. EFAEP aims at linking these national platforms to raise the visibility and the influence of environmental professionals on the European level.

There are hardly any problems that show us the necessity of international co-operation as clearly as the protection of the environment. National efforts to protect for example rivers and air will be in vain if our European neighbours do not strive for the same goals. As pollution respects no borders environmental protection is a synonym for international co-operation: no effective protection of the environment will be possible on a merely national level. In response to this challenge EFAEP was founded and is know providing a platform for an international exchange of environmental experts from all academic disciplines.

EFAEP brings together professionals who are working in the field of environmental protection all over Europe and gives them an opportunity to exchange their experience from their home countries, to find common solutions and learn from successes and mistakes made in the current and future member countries of the European Union. Due to their diverse professional and cultural background the members of EFAEP are able to give a very comprehensive assessment of legislative initiatives of the European Union and other subjects.

Since it was founded in 2002 by three organisations from France (AFITE), The Netherlands (VVM) and Germany (VDI KUT) EFAEP is rapidly growing.

Jan-Karel Mak
President of EFAEP


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