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Skills for sustainable living, farming and community...

Milkwood Permaculture offers world-class courses that give you the skills and confidence to create permanently sustainable systems.  Students leave our courses ready and able to design & implement a better future for their families, farms and communities. Courses are run at Milkwood Farm near Mudgee and also in the center of Sydney.

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Milkwood Permaculture maintains affiliations and membership with several organisations within our field and we encourage others to do the same.

About us

We are a permaculture business, grounded in the ethics of earth care, people care & fair share. As part of our business structure we invest and contribute to the communities that we work in through donations of time, labor, advice and direct funds.
Our business profits go into making Milkwood Permaculture Farm the best education and demonstration site it can possibly be, for the good of all. We make sure our students are supported in their endeavors long after they leave our courses, and we offer a sliding scale of pricing for those who need it where we can. In short, we're doing the best we can with the resources we have, for everyone's benefit.

kirsten and nick

Nick Ritar - educator, consultant, designer.

Nick is a permaculture designer, consultant and educator who works extensively across a wide range of bioregions, farms, watersheds and city environments. He is recognized nationally as a leading advocate on how permaculture principles can contribute to food security through good design and regenerative farming and living.

With a background in engineering and systems architecture, Nick is at the forefront of the new generation of Permaculture teachers working on the edge of what Permaculture can do to restore landscapes and create abundance in almost any environment on earth.

Nick divides his time between Permaculture teaching, Permaculture Design projects, Permaculture consultancy for both the urban and rural sectors, and the ongoing establishment of Milkwood Permaculture Farm with his wife Kirsten.
contact Nick via email: nick [at]
contact Nick via phone: +61 2 6373 7763 (office) / 0407 194 593 (mobile)
Kirsten Bradley - manager, convenor, designer.

Kirsten is an artist, writer and organiser who is passionate about good Permaculture design, pattern literacy, local food and seed sovereignty.

With a background in the arts, Kirsten has been making work which questions and investigates our relationship with nature for nearly a decade.

In the last 5 years her focus has shifted towards practical strategies for sustainability, maintaining the Milkwood blog and running a tight ship at both Milkwood Farm and Milkwood Permaculture.
contact kirsten via email: kirsten [at]
contact kirsten via phone: +61 2 6373 7763 (office) / 0412 714 884 (mobile)
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